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Billy Barker Days

Gold Nugget Search

Contest is over! Thank-you to so much for participating in looking for our gold nuggets. We had a great response to this. 
The draw was done later in the day on Sunday July 22nd as we were rained out at the Gold Dust Mall and we had to scramble to take things down. 
View the video below for our results. Congratulations to our winners!

Gold NuggetOut there, somewhere, in the Quesnel Downtown, are some special 'gold nuggets'!

To help celebrate Billy Barker Days, the Quesnel Downtown Association has hidden some 'gold nuggets' in participating businesses in the downtown core. 

If you come across one, take a picture of it, or of yourself next to it, and post it online! You will have your name entered into a draw for some big time downtown bucks, that can be spent downtown Quesnel, at participating businesses. You can see a list of these businesses here.

  • 1st Prize: $500 downtown bucks
  • 2nd Prize: $300 downtown bucks
  • 3rd Prize: $200 downtown bucks

Tag your posts with our social media handle: @DowntownQuesnel

Contest will be starting on Monday July 9th and ending on Saturday July 21st.

The winners will be drawn at the Gold Dust Mall on Sunday July 22nd!

The Gold Dust Mall will be taking place between the West Fraser Arena, and the Curling Rink, over by Lebourdais Park this year.

Note: Gold Nuggets are not real nuggets. 

Gold Nugget Clues:

I apologize in advance for my clue making skills.

The clues below will hint to which stores are hosting gold nuggets! Look for them on a shelf. They will be in the stores somewhere, but visible.

  • If you are into healthy minerals, this store has a gold nugget for you!
  • It's a beautiful day, with no sign of showers. You'll find this next nugget, nestled in the _______.
  • This nugget is hiding among the tomes. They have a spine, but no bones!
  • This next clue isn't too puzzling, you'll find this nugget next to some underthings.
  • This clue is easy, so cowboy up and use those boots made for walkin to come on down and find the nugget.
  • You don't need coverage, or assurance, to help you find this nugget, hidden at the start of the alphabet.
  • If you need some revelation, or incentive, to help find this next nugget, look no further than the locks on your head.
  • You'll find diversions and fun in this store, helping you take your search to the Max.
  • This clue should give you a jump, or a lift. Stop by this store for some nectar to help you on your search.
  • This fugitive nugget can be found, hiding among the bandits in this store.
  • This nugget is with it's frugal relatives, be prudent when searching for it.
  • This store is full of chuckles and knick knacks, a perfect spot for this nugget to blend in. Hope to C you there!
  • When the nugget needed to go mobile, they looked no further than this electric store.
  • New: This nugget is relaxing in utopia, hanging out in a store that is bliss.


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