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Parking Downtown Quesnel

Free Parking Downtown QuesnelWith Reid St under construction from approximately May to September of 2018, many of the commonly used parking spaces downtown have been taken out use. The good news is that there is a lot of free parking all over the downtown core. The city has placed handy signs next to each lot so they are easy to spot during the construction.

Employees and business owners of our downtown businesses are encouraged to park in the lots further away from Reid St, such as the lots near the Arena and Legion, so that our customers are able to park as close as possible.

Below is the parking map that outlines all the available parking lots, as well as street parking. Any parking lots on this map that we have not highlighted in yellow are business parking lots, and should only be used if you are shopping or visiting that business. This includes: The Occidental, Cariboo Hotel, Billy Barker Hotel, Safeway, Liquor Store, etc. Parking rules may be enforced in these lots at the discretion of the business owner.

Angle Parking

The City of Quesnel implemented a bylaw within the last three years that states that vehicles parking in angle parking spots shall not exceed 6.5 meters, or 21.3 feet, including any hitch and trailer. 

This year, once the construction is complete downtown, this bylaw will be enforced regularly. 

To see this comprehensive By-Law, visit the PDF on the City of Quesnel Website.

Reminder: The parking lot behind the Post Office has been changed to 2-hour parking to make more spaces available for our shoppers, and seniors who need to be closer to the businesses they are visiting.

Downtown Quesnel Parking Map
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