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329 Reid St


Phone: 250-991-1395


About Us:

Before I created My Own Collection, I was a tree planter who traveled seasonally. It was a pretty good life. Planting trees supported my passion for traveling the world, and I was fairly content.
Then one day I decided I didn’t want to bend over for dimes anymore; so I took my travel experience and started sourcing jewelry, clothing, and even gems directly from India. I decided I would set out to create a unique collection of imported fashion, jewelry, home decor, and accessories for the most discerning people in BC who want quality goods at a fair price. By becoming my own importer, I could build that unique collection at the best price, and pass those prices on to you.

It turns out, the road was more difficult than I imagined.

That first year, I got back from India with all kinds of stuff, but no idea how to display it, or who would buy it. I was concerned, that my unique tastes were all my own, and that no one else would find my product choices desirable. The learning curve was steep.

I borrowed a tent, bought a couple of folding tables, and started applying to music festivals as a vendor. I couldn’t afford any fancy displays, so I built my first wire jewelry tree to display earrings, built some collapsible shelves, and ventured out to my first festival.

That first step truly was a lesson in fitting a large collection of things into a small space in such a way that customers might stil



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